Gangstagrass and Megan Jean & the KFB

GG and MJ - November 15, 2014
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Gangstagrass is the brainchild of Brooklyn-based producer and musician Rench. After producing albums for local NYC rappers for a few years, in 2007 Rench decided he needed to scratch a musical itch that had been on his mind since listening heavily to 1970s recordings of Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys. The result was a genre-demolishing blitz called Rench Presents: Gangstagrass. It appeared on the Internet as a free download and people took notice. 

Not long after, the FX Network asked Rench to write a theme song for their new series Justified. He had bluegrass players lay down an original track with rapper T.O.N.E-z, the younger brother of early hip hop legends Special K and T-LaRoc. The result was Long Hard Times To Come, the song that opens every episode of the series. Long Hard Times To Come was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2010 after Justified became an instant hit, garnering millions of viewers, and praise for the theme song from fans and critics. Two years later, the Gangstagrass sound was expanded with the release of Rappalachia, a 15-song album featuring a variety of rappers, including Kool Keith, Dead Prez, and Nitty Scott MC. One listen and you'll see why the heady mix of bluegrass and hip hop is still going strong. 



Megan Jean & the KFB

Megan Jean and the KFB, or Klay Family Band, arrange a demented blend of Americana, punk, dance, and the avant-garde that they’ve taken to describing as, “a metal band, if it was 1927.” Inventive percussion, electrified banjo, and a voice like the Devil Herself have earned Megan Jean and the KFB a dedicated following all over the East Coast. Calling the road home on a “never-ending tour,” this transient married duo has taken their nomadic musical lifestyle and transformed it into a kind of voodoo that unites scenes, fans, and musical styles. This is a band that lives to perform, and is fueled by sheer guts and know-how.

In April of 2012, the band was featured on PBS performing their original composition “These Bones” as part of the  music documentary series Music Voyager.  In July of 2012, they were named the winners of the “Under The Radar Competition” at FloydFest in Floyd, VA, which earned them a spot on the main stage in 2013. They have shared the stage with Shovels and Rope, Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Hurray for the Riff Raff, and Rising Appalachia. On March 1st of 2013, the duo released their second full-length album, The Devil Herself, recorded at the Jam Room in Columbia, SC, and is currently recording their third album entirely analog.