Who are you guys?

Two Takoma Park couples who love music (and comedy). Matt & Janet and Pete & Anne are having a blast bringing great music into the community.


How do I get in?

Please use the PayPal link on the show page to make a donation. 


Where are my tickets? I got an email that said "my order has shipped."

We will send you an email that will be your "ticket." Just print it out and bring it with. We'll also have a list at the door and you can check in that way.


Your show sold out! How do I get on the waiting list? 

Because we want everyone who comes to our shows to be comfortable, we can only accommodate so many people. We do keep a waiting list, so if you find yourself unable to get tickets online please email us and be sure to include your email, phone number, and how many tickets you're hoping to score. Often we don't know if there is space until the day of the show (that's when folks tell us they can't make it after all), so you might want to give us your cell phone number. And if you'd like to get first crack at getting tickets to upcoming shows, please sign up for our mailing list or send us an email.


How many people can the Tree House seat?

It depends. We can fit about 50 people in the house and 80 at the VFW. 


What happens with my donation?

We give all proceeds, minus expenses, to the artists. We want to provide as much support as possible to the bands (and other performers) we love. 


How can I book a show at the Tree House?

Just send us an email, and please be patient (we're a little overwhelmed at work and with families so it might take a while to get back). We tend to favor indie rock but also like roots rock, folk rock, folk punk, bluegrass, Cajun, honky-tonk, etc. And we like great stand-up comedy.


Food and other stuff?

At the house, please bring beer or wine to enjoy and share. At the VFW, please bring cash and and get your drinks at the bar (which helps support Post 350). Be sure to tip the bartenders who are VFW family members.


What about kids? 

We have them and we love them and we want them to enjoy live music. But space can be tight so at the house anyone under the age of 12 needs to sit on a lap and anyone older than 12 needs a ticket. And the VFW is a bar (and a great place) but you may want to have the kids stay at home (that's what we we often do). 


Love what you all do! How can I help? 

Help spread the word so we can book more shows! You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at the links below, and sign up to receive Tree House news and updates.


Anything else?

The artists are doing all of us a great favor by playing for us. So....listen, maybe dance (or laugh) a little, and enjoy.